RPG Christmas: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Day 13)

Over the course of the Holiday season, here at Ready Player Gone we will be bringing you a feature article each day – with a break on every 6th day – in the lead-up to Christmas. Our posts will be split into one of five themes throughout the event and there may even be a competition or two. Today the theme is, All-time favourite Christmas Releases. That means that this post will highlight a game that released in the Christmas window (November-December) and why we love it! Today, on Day 13 we are taking a look back at Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. For the full RPG Christmas line-up, click here!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2Call of Duty, you either love it or you hate it. The series has had its ups and downs over the years but there’s no denying how great it used to be. I’m glad it is on the rise again, thanks to the Modern Warfare reboot. We all know where they went wrong was when they brought in all the futuristic malarkey. Sure it was cool the first time, a nice change. And I’m not denying some of the releases were good, but to have every release after Advanced Warfare include some kind of jetpack or wallrunning was too much.

I’m not alone in this opinion either, remember the outcry when Infinite Warfare was announced? The like to dislike ratio on that video was staggering. The fans had been asking for modern or older war games, to give them what they were categorically not asking for was a bad take. Sure I still bought it. I’m sorry people, we should vote with our wallets in solidarity! But you got Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered with it for free, please forgive me? Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the futuristic Black Ops titles but going back to basics after a long line of futuristic tripe was the breath of fresh air the series needed.

you don’t like me? but… but… I’ve got Irish mma man and Jon Snow…

Just because Call of Duty went back to basics doesn’t give it a free pass at being a good game. I played Ghosts because I had to not because I wanted to, hating every moment of it honestly. The single player was average at best and the multiplayer was the worst in the series. I skipped out on WWII altogether as it just looked bad to me, you can’t even put swastikas in your game about World War II? What’s wrong with you, grow some balls. These are the cases I would use for Call of Duty not only going back to basics, but just being basic. Garbage.

But, let’s take a little bit of a step back. Back to when Call of Duty was at its best,when the Modern Warfare series was at the forefront.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare propelled the series to new heights, and was released just around the time I squirmed out of my little cocoon of offline ignorance into the world of online gaming. 12 year old little Marshall in 2007, crazy to think it was that long ago. CoD 4 was the cream of the crop, everything on the disc was impeccable. From the cinematic action packed campaign which brought us iconic characters such as Captain Price and Soap, to the perfect multiplayer experience. I would spend practically all weekend going in and out of hardcore search & destroy lobbies with my prepubescent buddies, probably annoying everyone else with our high pitched squeals. Then came World at War, which I absolutely loved, the campaign and multiplayer were great, and it brought us the iconic Nazi Zombies!

But enough about everything else, let’s move on to the main point of the article – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. I think this is when the series brought out the big guns (metaphorically speaking), as every Tom, Dick and Harry at school was playing it too. Kids that never played games, they were too busy out drinking WKD in the park, getting fellatio in bushes to stab people 10 metres away with a tactical knife and commando pro, surely? Nope, even they were joining in on the action.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

MW2’s multiplayer was a thing of beauty, it brought many things to the series that have stuck to this day. It upped the pace, it made quickscoping popular/more accessible, it had OP guns that took months to get updated (I say as I angrily shake a stick at the akimbo Model 1887s). Let’s just cut to the chase though, I could end this whole article here with a 10/10 by just mentioning one gun – The Intervention – done. Bye see you later.

The Intervention is what dreams are made of, there hasn’t been and never will be a gun like it in the Call of Duty franchise. Please oh please release it for Warzone! Sprinting about Terminal like you’re 10 minutes late for your flight with a throwing knife in your pocket and a bolt action beauty in your war calloused hands. 360ing from the tinpot roofs of Favela, a blur of multi coloured walls flicker by as you approach the trash littered ground, desperate for that 1337 final killcam. You don’t get that final killcam. You miss the shot, snap your legs crumpled in a heap of disappointment, broken bones and trash bags filled with used nappies, oh and a negative point for suicide but that’s beside the point. Rust is also another iconic map for quickscoping on, what better place to settle your differences like true men in a 1v1 than the desolate home to iron oxide where Captain Price and General Shepherd hashed it out?
General Shepherd, what a dick.

A lot of people will remember the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 campaign for the iconic General Shepherd switcheroo. It was almost on the same level of betrayal as when you’re saving takeout leftovers in the fridge, dreaming about it all day at work only to find some JUDAS in your house has ate it. I don’t really remember a lot about Ghost, but may he rest in peace. F.

Home to the infamous ‘no russian’ mission that infuriated news outlets everywhere, the MW2 campaign didn’t hold back. I commend the devs for it, the things we remember are the most shocking/controversial. Seriously, how did we go from this to being too scared to put Swastikas in the game?

Soap, who you played as in the first MW makes a return but not as a playable character until the latter stages of the game, which means you finally get to see what he looks like. A mohawk toting Scotsman with more testosterone than a bull shark (I googled what animal has the most testosterone). Soap is cool, and it’s nice to put a face and voice to the man that we controlled and grew attached to. Playing as him toward the end was not only good story wise, but as a love letter to the original.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

The MW2 campaign didn’t pull any punches and that’s why I love it. It was remastered this year and I would have loved to go through it again, if it came alongside the iconic multiplayer. It’s understandable why they didn’t remaster the MP though, as it would have divided the player base and taken money away from Modern Warfare and Warzone.

As the modern warfare franchise is Infinity Ward’s baby and Nazi Zombies is Treyarch’s, Infinity Ward were left scratching their heads, scrambling through files looking for the answer in what to have as an extra game mode. Probably after much deliberation and what I imagine as an employee three days into their Monster fuelled shift, Activision overlords looming over them with their spank paddle. Looking like Charlie in his Pepe Silvia moment from it’s always sunny, they had an epiphany. Naturally, they leaned toward seperate missions from the campaign with unique tasks and a 3 star system with co-op capabilities!

I apologise for the ‘editing’

Spec ops was fine but essentially boiled down to just mowing down AI with a mate, not really groundbreaking. I used to always go for 1000 gamerscore on Call of Duty titles because yes, my life was that exciting. Spec ops was the worst part, trying to get 3 stars on every mission was a right chore, due to time limits and sometimes having to rely on a friend. My enjoyment of spec ops is a stark contrast to my enjoyment of playing through the campaign on veteran. Although for most of the time you will be hiding behind cover with an infinite amount of grenades landing at your feet, for the most part you can go at your own pace. Some missions are infuriatingly hard but once you get past them it’s worth it when see that sweet 1000 G’s (or platinum).

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is home to the best era of multiplayer gaming for me, my teenage years. Sat alongside the likes of Halo 3 and Gears of War 2, it definitely is sat a little higher than gears but I would say it’s on par with Halo.

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Marshall Burrows
Lead Editor @ Ready Player Gone.


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