RPG Christmas: Call of Duty: Warzone (Day 2)

Over the course of the Holiday season, here at Ready Player Gone we will be bringing you a feature article each day – with a break on every 6th day – in the lead-up to Christmas. Our posts will be split into one of five themes throughout the event and there may even be a competition or two. Today the theme is, Games of the year. That means that this post will highlight what we believe to be a game of the year contender. Today I will be taking a look at Call of Duty: Warzone. For the full RPG Christmas line-up, click here!

Call of Duty: Warzone

I’ll tell you what the first thing on my list to Santa was this year, a Christmas morning dub with the boys. Highly unlikely, not because we’re shit but because there’s no way we’ll all be on at the same time.

Warzone is up there as one of the games of the year for us. Love ’em or hate ’em it’s no secret that the Battle Royale genre has taken the gaming industry by storm over the last few years. Just when you think you’re burned out, another one is released with just enough to draw you back in. All Call of Duty: Warzone had to do was be Call of Duty, there’s a reason it’s the biggest fps franchise and that’s because the gunplay just can’t be beat. Sure it’s had its dips in quality the past few years but it was brought back to form with Modern Warfare.

Being free to play was a major plus for the game, I don’t own Modern Warfare but did nearly buy it because of Warzone. Having a free multiplayer mode using the same engine as a AAA game, with free multiplayer weekends of the full game littered sporadically through the year was great marketing. Warzone made over $500 million in microtransactions way back in August, so it wouldn’t surprise me if that number has doubled by now. I’m not usually one to buy season passes either, having only done it in Fortnite before but you may as well if you’re going to be playing the game a lot and reaching level 100. The way they work is great value for money, being able to buy one and then having the points rewarded that season paying for the next.

Call of Duty: WarzoneThis year I don’t think any other game has got my blood pumping as much as Warzone. Being in the final circle alone with your whole team watching you and managing to pull off that glorious dub get’s your heart working overtime. No matter what I always had the Kar98K as my secondary, pulling off a headshot or three with a silenced Kar is more satisfying than the release after November if you catch my drift.

Everything works so well in Warzone. The shopping system being able to buy your teammates back in, buying armour, ammo or killstreaks. You get a great sense of accomplishment when you down someone on top of a building, call in a precision airstrike on them and wipe the team as they’re trying to revive their fallen comrade. Comms matter. If you don’t work as a team constantly calling out what you’re seeing, you’re not going to get very far.

The contract system is also a huge part of the Warzone experience. It makes you choose a different place to land every time you play, and gives you goals other than mindlessly murdering people. Landing on a Scavenger Contract straight from the airship will set you up straight away with the money for a loadout. Granted you managed to land on it first and kill everyone else. Picking up a bounty mid game is great tactically, if you can’t afford a UAV it lets you know on the mini map where another team is and you’ll be rewarded a handsome sum if you manage to kill them.

Call of Duty: Warzone

Verdansk is also a very, very good map. Having some multiplayer maps dotted around the place from previous iterations of Modern Warfare was a great idea. Maps like Boneyard, Broadcast and Vacant as it adds a great sense of familiarity. I have also been learning a bit of Ukrainian, so actually being able to read the signage instead of it appearing as mumbo jumbo brought the map to life a bit for me.

sure it sucks when everyone you run into is using the same meta gun, or seeing laser tracer bullets flying past your skull breaks the immersion but these kind of things are always going to happen. A lot of people, although I view it as a bit sad, are going to try to up their chances of winning by scouring the internet looking for the best builds for the best guns.

The Gulag was also a game changer, having that second chance at a free extra life was great. The whole idea of having a one vs one against another dead player is very clever, and it’s funny how every group has that one friend that seems to always lose – probably blaming lag or their bullets doing less damage. Sure it’s annoying when they change the guns every season – like having a crossbow or Dragunov was painful but you’ve just gotta roll with the punches, much like when you’re waiting for your turn to fight. I actually killed someone with a rock too. He must have had a smidge of health left as my rock fatally connected to his toe nail, it was great.

Call of Duty: Warzone

I live in a different country to my friends, so gaming is also the only time we can all talk together. It is very much our social time, which is a nice excuse to use on the ol’ ball and chain to hop on for the night. We hadn’t all played together in a very long time as we are also split across platforms, so being able to play cross platform is a godsend. Having Warzone during lockdown was a lifesaver, we would designate a night of the week where we would get some drinks in and play all night which has produced some great memories. Sure as the night went on our beer goggled aim would veer off course, but everything also got more hilarious.

Unfortunately I had sold my One X before the Halloween event was released so I didn’t get to play it, but it looked really fun. I hope they do something similar for Christmas, though I have no idea what. It probably wouldn’t be as game changing, maybe they’ll just add snow to the map and make the loot more christmassy, who knows?

At the time of writing I still haven’t got my Series X, but I know for a fact as soon as it arrives the first game I will be installing is Warzone. I can’t wait to parachute into Verdansk again with the lads, hopefully getting many more dubs.

I’m looking forward to see what kind of effects Black Ops: Cold War has on Warzone, although I hope they are minor as it is great as it is. Sure adding guns and special events is very welcome but I hope they keep the core gameplay experience the same.

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Marshall Burrows
Lead Editor @ Ready Player Gone.


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