RPG Christmas: Super Smash Bros Ultimate (Day 11)

Over the course of the Holiday season, here at Ready Player Gone we will be bringing you a feature article each day – with a break on every 6th day – in the lead-up to Christmas. Our posts will be split into one of five themes throughout the event and there may even be a competition or two. Today the theme is, Christmas Couch Co-Op. Christmas is a time with family and friends which is a great time to settle disputes while having a bit of fun playing these couch co-op titles. All of these titles will be from the kings of this genre Nintendo, and today I will be taking a look at Super Smash Bros Ultimate. For the full RPG Christmas line-up, click here!

Super Smash Bros Ultimate released in December of 2018, and brought back every single fighter from the series with its trailer tagline claiming “everyone is here!”. With over 80 fighters in total, including the DLC characters, Super Smash Bros Ultimate became the highest selling fighting game ever released.

I bought my copy of Super Smash Bros Ultimate on release day, and quickly booted the game up and unleashed hell on any opponents I came across. I rushed to unlock all 74 characters that came with the base game, which I achieved by powering through Classic mode with each character, and also by playing through the severely underrated Adventure Mode. The sheer abundance of different fighters is the main draw for me, with all of my favourite Nintendo franchises getting appropriate representation on the roster. From the classic characters like Mario, Bowser, Pikachu, Link & Samus, we also are treated to newcomers for the first time in the series history with the likes of King K. Rool, Isabelle & also the Inklings from the Splatoon series. The creativity that goes into creating these characters individual moves is what makes every unique character stand out; who knew that the Villager from Animal Crossing could become such a fantastic fighter that can pull off some big time plays with their particular moveset.

Smash Bros Ultimate allows players to gear up for massive 8 player battles, promising chaos and destruction for each second that runs down the clock. Although I never got to play a huge local tournament with myself and 7 friends locally (I don’t have that many friends), I still got so much playtime out of the available co-op modes with my partner. She’s not exactly a hugely skilled gamer with lightning fast reflexes, but for Super Smash Bros Ultimate that’s not necessarily a problem. Smash has always appealed to the masses due to its incredibly simple fighting design, but at the same time appeals to the more hardcore gamers because it’s very difficult to efficiently master a characters skillset.

Classic mode is the perfect way to play co-op on Super Smash Bros Ultimate. There’s not a lot of thought in it in regards to the gamer themselves, it’s just turn up, beat those guys to a pulp, and move onto the next battle. There is the occasional bonus stage thrown in to break the cycle of smash and dash up, but other than that it is a Smash-fest from start to finish in Classic mode. Each character has their own route which will change up the fighters, fight modifiers & boss fight at the end of the run. For example, if player 1 selected Mario, we would have a Classic mode with characters to fight from all of the most popular Nintendo franchises. Cleverly, like the world bosses in the Super Mario series, the penultimate round of Mario’s Classic mode run is a fight against Bowser Jr & the Koopalings. Defeating this round will throw you into the boss fight against Bowser, who will then transform into Giga Bowser once you have taken him out. There is nothing quite like playing Smash co-operatively with a friend. Accidentally launching an opponent into a flurry of beat downs from your co-op partner, or saving them at the last minute from a charged up Donkey Kong punch are the frequent occurrences that happen & makes this game an absolute blast.


My partner isn’t the biggest fighting game fan, she prefers games with a huge branching story, so for her to get joy out of this game was great to see. She said multiple times whilst playing how ‘cool’ it was that we could play together as different characters, from different series, on an arena from a different series yet again. The number of combinations you could actually create for each fight is unfathomable.

Co-op in Super Smash Bros Ultimate isn’t about pulling off the best combos or perfecting your abilities with a certain character, it’s all about the fun. If something incredible happened during a fight we would try our best to replicate that combo, usually with hilarious results because neither of us could really grasp what just happened due to the chaos that just occurred during our intense button smashing. Of course there is also the ability to play against each other, which is great if you have 2 or 3 friends round, but I feel like in a 1 v 1 situation with your girlfriend or partner, you better be prepared to have a long list of apologies written out beforehand.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is a great game to play with people over Christmas. Whether that be in team battles or head-to-head, there is so many options for good old fashioned competition.

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Kane Hazzard
Review Editor and all-round Nintendo fan.


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