Call of Duty: Warzone patch introduces texture streaming

Call of Duty: Warzone’s latest update is now live and it introduces a new feature – texture streaming. Essentially, what this aims to do is reduce the size of patches needed while also allowing you to install them while playing. What this means for us is that the games patch files could begin to be smaller, but it will only effect PC players while they are playing on High settings.

Here is a little bit of what they say:

“To help with patch sizes and disk space, high-resolution textures will now be downloaded while playing, using On-Demand Textures Streaming…”

Texture streaming will allow the player to set a bandwidth allowance and download high resolution textures during play, which likely means that future patches will not include all the high-res textures to reduce sizes.

This is great news for the game, long has it been plagued with ridiculously large patches and long download times. I do worry however that we are going to see a similar thing that we see with the endless shader installations. Please let this be different, it already takes me 15 minutes to get into a game from my desktop!

The patch also includes bugfixes, the long awaited private match mode and so much more. You can read the full patch notes here.

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Joey Hancock
Founder of Ready Player Gone and avid gamer.


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