Crooks Like Us won’t break (into) your bank at launch

Upcoming indie title, Crooks Like Us, is all about stealing and making as much money as possible, but it won’t be too costly to buy at launch. In fact, stay tuned until the end of this article for a chance to win a free copy! In an upcoming exclusive Ready Developer Gone interview, developers Out Of Tune Games tell us their launch plans. When asked how much the game would cost at launch, they told me it would be around $20 (approximately £14.50). Their justification for this is that they believe that competing games in the same space cost the same amount.

“We are looking to release the game at around $20” – Out Of Tune Games

If you look on the Crooks Like Us Steam store page, you’ll notice a March 2021 release date. However, this is actually when the developers plan to release the game in early access, rather than the full release of the game. Having followed up with the developers, we can confirm that the early access title will launch at $10 (approximately £7.25). Half the price of the full release.

An issue with having such a focus on multiplayer is that everyone would need to buy the game. That could still end up costing a group of eight friends around £60 to play even in early access. Well, fret not, it seems Out Of Tune were well aware of this too. During the interview, they stated, To allow gamers to connect and play with their friends, players will be able to join in games from a free demo version of Crooks Like Us. As long as one person in a group has the paid Early Access version of the game they can host sessions for other people to join.” 

Of course, nobody wants to be the sucker that hands over their hard-earned cash just to be the host. To combat this, the player that purchases the game will have access to many more gadgets, customisation options, levels and game modes”. 

“The player with the full version has access to many more gadgets, customisation options, levels and game modes but we felt this was a fair way to let people have some fun with the game.” – Out Of Tune Games

This will also help gamers decide whether the game is worth buying. Before taking the plunge you can jump into a session with some friends for free. What’s another great way to decide if a game’s worth buying? Reading an RPG review of course! Stay tuned to Ready Player Gone for our upcoming review of Crooks Like Us. Also, keep an eye out for the full interview with Out Of Tune Games!

EDIT: The giveaway has now closed and the winner has been contacted. For another chance to win, we are giving away another copy of the game. More details can be found here.

But what’s even better than making a well-informed purchase? Getting the game for free! We’ve teamed up with Out Of Tune Games to provide our readers with some free codes for Crooks Like Us! How can you enter? It’s as simple as 123!

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You must follow both accounts and have retweeted the tweet by the time the giveaway closes to be eligible. The first eligible winner will be chosen at random at 12PM GMT on Wednesday 17th February 2021.

Disclaimer: All giveaway and review codes were provided by Out Of Tune Games.

Ryan Archer
Ryan Archer
Interviews lead at Ready Player Gone.


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