Dyson Sphere Program releases new gameplay trailer

Youthcat Games, developers of, Dyson Sphere Program, have today released a new gameplay trailer for the upcoming game in celebration of reaching 50% towards the goal on Kickstarter. Dyson (not to be confused with the popular brand of hoovers) is a Sci-Fi simulation and management game in which you will be able to explore space and manage an industrial empire as the programs lead engineer. Check out the trailer below.

Dyson Spheres are a mega-structure in game that will orbit around starts and they will mark the canvas in which you can develop your empire. You will start with a small factory and eventually produce your own industry the size of a galaxy.

Have you seen the game on Kickstarter and are you supporting it? I love management-sims and this looks right up my alley. I played a bit of Industries of Titan and I loved the neo-themes of that.

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Joey Hancockhttps://www.readyplayergone.com
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