EAGate, Roblox & Gamepass Galore! (12th Mar)

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Employees IllEAgally Selling FUT Cards

So here we have it, another EA issue. It never ends. 

It’s the circle of life. EA has announced it is investigating the allegations that employees are selling FUT cards online for large sums of cash. The cards being sold are called ‘Icons’ and are some of the rarest in the game. These are traditionally found inside packs, (which EA says are not loot boxes) that when opened give you a random selection of cards. These can be used to create a team in Fifa Ultimate Team. 

Although we won’t post the images here, the seller offers a buyer 3 Icon cards for 1700 Euros. Absolute insanity. See EAGate on Twitter for more info on this, as it’s a relatively new issue.

Warzone Update

Activision released another update for Warzone, which confirms the zombie outbreak is spreading across the Verdansk Battle Royale map. Zombies can now be encountered in the Zordaya Prison Complex in Warzone, after activating a computer console in a hallway underground. Zombies will immediately start spawning inside the prison & your job is to gun them all down to receive an access card. One collected, you can open the chest in the centre of the prison & collect your rewards.

Although I’m not playing Warzone anymore due to it becoming completely unplayable after the integration with Cold War, I’m getting tempted to reinstall to experience what may be the end of Verdansk as we know it, or even for good.

Roblox goes Public

Roblox, the free to play game set in a virtual world made it’s NYSE debut yesterday and ended at a ridiculous $38bn market price. This is an extremely huge amount of cash, being worth more than Take-Two & Ubisoft combined. The main income from Roblox is from in game currency being purchased by players called Robux, which allows them to then purchase in game items. Due to the worldwide lockdown the game has seen a surge in popularity, with average player numbers being around 70-80% higher than the same time the year before.

Gamepass is Doom’d

With Microsoft’ acquisition of Bethesda now official, a tonne of Bethesda titles are now available to download if you subscribe to Microsoft Gamepass. On Xbox One & Series X/S just under 20 titles new & old have been added for you to enjoy. Although most of these are owned by many people now already, especially record smashers like Skyrim & Fallout 4, it’s still nice for the people who never picked these up to give them a try.

The full list of titles available now on Gamepass from Bethesda is here –

Dishonored Definitive Edition
Dishonored 2
Doom (1993)
Doom 2
Doom 3
Doom 64
Doom Eternal
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition
The Evil Within
Fallout 4
Fallout 76
Rage 2
Wolfenstein: The New Order
Wolfenstein: The Old Blood
Wolfenstein: Youngblood

With Microsoft now owning Bethesda titles, could we see future releases being made available on Gamepass straight from release? We hope so, especially with the likes of Starfield & the ever so distant Elder Scrolls VI on the way.

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Kane Hazzard
Review Editor and all-round Nintendo fan.


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