Kingdom Hearts Coming To PC, Jack Black added to Borderlands Movie! RPG News (11th Feb)

Kingdom Hearts Coming To PC

Kingdom Hearts is one of my all time favorite gaming “experiences”. It’s not one of my favorite games because all three main entries are deeply flawed, but they’re truly unique and worth playing, for better or for worse. Following the trend of Sony putting exclusives on PC, all three Kingdom Hearts games will be available for purchase on the Epic Games Store as of March 30. I’m really excited to see what new fans to the franchise will think of Mickey Mouse and Cloud uniting to help Sora fight The Darkness. Not to mention, the fantastic mods that will inevitably arise from quality rendered 3D models of nearly every Disney character imaginable.

Borderlands Movie Cast Has More Additions

We wrote two weeks ago about Kevin Hart being added to the cast of the upcoming Borderlands movie, as well as the initial announcement of Cate Blanchett. As it gets closer, more stars and their associated roles have been announced with Jamie Lee Curtis playing Professor Tannis and Jack Black as the voice of Claptrap. In an interview with Variety, Eli Roth said, “I am so excited to reunite with Jack, this time in the recording booth… Claptrap is the funniest character in the game and Jack is perfect to bring him to the big screen.” I’m definitely excited to see one of my favorite actors voice one of my least favorite characters in all of video games. It balances out… I think.

Scientists Teach Pigs How To Play Video Games

In Yorkshire, two pigs, Hamlet and Omelette (rude name if you ask me) were placed in front of joysticks and a connected screen to see if they were capable of playing a video game. With their snouts, they moved the joystick and before long, they got a hang of it with one of the researchers saying, “They’re pretty good at it.” That being said, the pigs were not able to meet the same criteria that was given to chimps which was, “…to demonstrate full mastery of the concept.” It is unclear what the game entailed, but based on descriptions, it appears it was a game made for the experiment that only required a character to move to accomplish the objective. Who knew? Maybe one day pigs will be able to compete in Overwatch and really show us how to play Roadhog.


CD Projekt Red Hacked By Leakers

This week, CD Projekt Red stated publicly that hackers had obtained source code for all their games, confidential documents and unreleased game assets. A ransom note looking like it came straight from the year 2008 was titled, “read_me_unlock” and its second line read, “Your have been EPICALLY pwned!!”. CD Projekt Red issued a statement saying they would not give in to demands and that no user data was at risk, which does seem to have been true based on further reporting from multiple outlets. Two days later, all of the stolen data was sold to an anonymous buyer whose identity has not yet been revealed. It is unlikely that unless the buyer decides to come forward that their identity will ever be known. Who knows if anything will even come of this? Maybe it will be disastrous, but maybe we won’t even remember it in a year.

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Zachary Lopossa
Zachary Lopossa
I love games and dying in them. More importantly, however, I love thinking about games and in turn, writing about them. I love the way that games can make us feel and think about the world we live in. Some of my all time favorite games are Super Meat Boy, Fez, Monaco, Return of the Obra Dinn, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and Dragon Quest XI.


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