Sea of Thieves adds more booty, Kevin Hart cast as who?! RPG News (29th Jan)

Bit of a slow news week unfortunately, however a few interesting articles to read, a Sea of Thieves update, a new trailer to check out and a new demo for Resident Evil Village!

Sea of Thieves Gets More Booty

Recently I’ve jumped back into Sea of Thieves to discover how the game has changed since launch. I have to say I am pleasantly surprised about the amount of content added. The new world events and quests are great fun with friends, and I’m always a sucker for good character cosmetic options. Now before we all collectively sigh away at the announcement of a ‘Plunder Pass’ (Get it? It’s a battle pass but piratey) it operates slightly differently on Sea of Thieves. All 100 loot levels are free for every player, but you can pay to unlock a Plunder Pass, which allows you to earn premium items from the Pirate Emporium by increasing your renown on the seas. The Pirate Emporium will contain previous seasons items in Sea of Thieves, so if you miss out, don’t worry it’ll be there in future. This Plunder Pass costs 999 Ancient Coins, but you’ll have to check the store for your actual local currency costs. However, you can earn enough Ancient Coins from the free pass through levels 1-100 to buy the Plunder Pass without spending a single penny. It’s an interesting take and definitely good to see Sea of Thieves rewarding players for continually playing, rather than continually asking you to cough up more spare change like a tramp with a BMW. 
It’s great to see that with each free Season, there will not only be loot to earn on each level, but new content in game, whether that be quests, events or challenges. I’m looking forward to getting stuck into Sea of Thieves with some friends!
 Click here to read more about the Sea of Thieves Plunder Pass!

Resident Evil Village Demo

Check out the new gameplay demo for Resident Evil Village, due to be releasing on 7th May 2021. The demo is available now exclusively on the PSN (PS5) Store. Whilst not a huge fan of the series myself, the visuals present in the footage are absolutely stunning. Resident Evil Village has to be one of the best looking games to be releasing this year on next gen consoles.

The Day Before Trailer

The Day Before describes itself as a post pandemic open-world MMO, where you must fight the undead and other survivors for supplies in Fntastics version of America. The game boasts of realistic weapons, beautiful scenery & the inclusion of vehicles. Unfortunately there is no release date for The Day Before as of yet, but I am sure this will attract more and more attention of zombie fanatics before release. I am looking forward to seeing some of the finer gameplay details. Click here to watch the trailer.

Borderlands Movie Adaptation

In probably some of the strangest news I’ve seen in a while, Kevin Hart has been cast as Roland in the upcoming Borderlands film adaptation by Eli Roth. Now, I thought it couldn’t get any weirder after Cate Blanchett was cast as Lilith. But Kevin Hart? Roland has always been a straight edge, no bullshit kind of character. I feel like the casting is a complete contradiction to who Roland actually is. It may be too soon, but I think this may be another video game movie that completely misses the mark in regards to what fans want, & will be quickly forgotten. But of course, Randy Pitchford Gearbox CEO, has defended the decision, spouting claims of “typecasting”

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Kane Hazzard
Review Editor and all-round Nintendo fan.


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