Golf With Your Friends – Review

Golf with your friends is a great pick up and play local or online multiplayer game with guaranteed laughs. Who doesn't love mini golf?

Golf with your friends, an easy game to hop on when you’re bored and looking for a quick fix of good fun. Proceed with caution however, as you might end some friendships along the way, creating more scandalous moments than Tiger Woods himself.

Golf with your friends is tee-rrific

I downloaded Golf with your friends during the first spell of lockdown / quarantine, in an effort to quash boredom and give me and the ol’ ball and chain something else to do. What a great decision that was, we’ve spent countless hours getting bogeys, albatrosses and bickering – It has earned itself a permanent space on the hard drive, and in this day and age that’s no easy task considering how fast they fill up.

Not only does it have pass and play local multiplayer, there’s also online multiplayer too. Playing with mates online on our coveted ‘games night’ has always been a barrel of laughs, especially when accompanied with a barrel of beer. In game options allow you to customise matches and turning collision on makes you wish you were playing mini golf in real life, so you could swing the club at their head every time they sent you flying off course.

The online multiplayer works really well though, as you all take your shots at the same time. You’re each assigned two minutes to complete the course so can go at your own pace, watching and hearing your adversaries miss and cry or putt and cheer whilst you’re teetering behind is a great laugh. I don’t think it would be as funny if you took it in turns, plus that would be pretty boring if there were a lot of you.

Golf With Your Friends

Your GF calls me caddy ’cause I’ve got dat 9 iron at the ready and she polishes it nightly

The gameplay is really simple, you aim with the left stick left or right, push up or down to choose how much power you want to use and jam A with your sweaty cheeto crusted thumb when you want to smash the ball. Where the game really shines is in the level design. There’s a huge variety of different themed courses ranging from a haunted mansion with floating furniture and spooky ghosts, a prehistoric landscape where you can ricochet the ball from dino’s skulls and for you sweet tooth’s out there, a candyland with cakes, doughnuts and biscuits galore. As it is made by Team17, there’s also Worms and Escapists themed courses which are good fun too. You can expect the usual mini golf obstacles like sliding your ball through a tight mouth (easy tiger), loop the loops, explosions, gravity changing walls and portals  – you know, what you usually find on a mini golf course down Butlins.

There are also some courses where you get jetpack power ups, something I’ve always associated with golf. Whilst your ball is in transit you can hold A to fly a bit and it works exactly the same as they do in Worms. If you time everything perfectly you can skip most of the level you are on and maybe even get a hole in one on a course that has a 5 par, or you can accidentally fly straight into a mountain and yeet yourself to Timbuktu – either way you’re gonna be laughing.

Golf With Your Friends

I’m so dirty at this game I’ve popped bogeys in all her holes

Each course has its own soundtrack, which is probably a twenty second track on loop for the 40 mins you’ll be playing through it. This sounds like it could get annoying but it doesn’t, they are all pretty pleasant and fit the theme of the level really well. If it does get on your nerves, you could always wack Spotify on and listen to one of your own playlists!

Customisation in Golf with your friends is great, you can unlock new hats for your ball, a belt, trails and you can change the colour of it too. I have no idea how you unlock different things, but early on I unlocked a rubber duck so I made my ball yellow and I’ve stuck with that. The last time we were playing Kane unlocked a penguin which apparently dances on top of the ball – every time I was spectating him it was standing still so either him and my other mate were high at the time, or this is some kind of Toy Story spin off. If that’s the case that’s totally not fair ’cause I wanna play with the speaking toys too 🙁

Some courses even allow you to utilise water, as there is a simple gameplay mechanic of bouncing in it. If you time your bounces perfectly you can hop right out of the water and skip half of the level. Mistime this bounce though and you’ll have to watch helplessly as your ball swims its way merrily down the stream the long way like the peasant you are.

Golf With Your Friends

I can’t think of any more golf puns that aren’t too cringey or very insulting

Golf with your friends is not the most polished of experiences, most courses have shortcut options and you can literally make the same shot 5 times and only one of them will work, yet you did nothing differently. I’ve fell off the map before, which actually ended up working in my favour as I could shoot straight for the hole, bypassing any obstacles. I’ve been stuck in a crevice and had to wait for the timer to slowly idle it’s way down and disqualify me, anything you think could go wrong in a mini golf game probably can in Golf with your friends – but it’s still great fun.

Also if you know you’re good at the game, which only comes with time and practice of having played the levels before, you should always make it so you go last if playing locally. Everyone will just copy your exact move if you’re first which is no fun, it’s like watching an instant replay of your shot over and over. To be fair I’ve even noticed Kane waiting to take his shot until after I take mine online too, so that’s your tip from Marshall for today.

All in all I would wholeheartedly recommend Golf with your friends to you, download it the next chance you get. On Xbox it’s free with Gamepass which is always a bonus, but if I knew it was this fun and it wasn’t on there I would still buy it. I don’t think you can get a recommendation or review better than that!

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Vast amount of courses
Nice customisation
Occasional bugs / unpolished
Marshall Burrows
Lead Editor @ Ready Player Gone.


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