Haven Creative Director dubs Console Wars “stupid”

The “Console Wars” has been a hotly debated topic again recently. With the launch of the latest generation of consoles, Phil Spencer especially seemed keen to downplay any talk of a “war” with his Sony and Nintendo counterparts. Even our own Joey Hancock gave his opinion on the situation in response to a KeenGamer article.

Well, in an upcoming exclusive interview with Ready Player Gone, The Game Bakers Creative Director, Emeric Thoa, weighs in, dubbing the console wars “stupid” and compared picking a side to “arguing to decide what’s best between apples and bananas”.

“The console war is the one of the most stupid concepts I have ever heard.”

In fact, he later adds that the different consoles cater to different audiences. He argues that Sony and Nintendo are leading the way regarding single-player games, while “Microsoft is probably ahead in multiplayer games”. He points to an internal Sony study showing that single-player games were more successful than multiplayer games for the company. What about PC? Well, he thinks that “Steam and PC overall is a jungle where everything can happen”. Hard to argue really.

“I guess it’s a matter of audience. Sony and Nintendo are going to be the leaders in single player games. Microsoft is probably ahead in multiplayer games. Steam and PC overall is a jungle where everything can happen.”

Thoa, however, states that sometimes manufacturers can pressure developers into creating new content in order to feature them on their systems. This seems to be especially true if the game is releasing on multiple platforms. He argues that sometimes what they’re asked to add onto the game doesn’t improve the experience in any way. He goes as far as to state that “it can end up being very heavy on the devs and hurting the game itself” and “not all additions are good”. 

What do you think about the “Console Wars”? Are they over? Were they ever really good for anyone?

Check back to Ready Player Gone next Tuesday for the full interview with Emeric which covers The Game Bakers new game Haven and much more. Our review for the game, courtesy of Joey, will be published shortly after on January 14th.

For more news, reviews, and features from us, check out Ready Player Gone.

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