Mario, CD PROJEKT RED Apology, Star Wars and more – RPG News (15th Jan)

This week we have news from the upcoming Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury, Star Wars, CD PROJEKT RED and much more, so make sure you stick around until the end of the article!

What’s happened this week on Ready Player Gone?

It’s been a great week on Ready Player Gone. We have had the opportunity not only to review The Game Bakers latest title Haven, but additionally we were also able to have a conversation with creative director, Emeric Thoa. It’s been a blast this week, having our first interview and to see our follower base on Twitter slowly growing!

We hope you like the new, simple layout of Ready Player Gone and our articles lately.

A deeper look at Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury

Nintendo have been relatively quiet as of late regarding the re-release of Super Mario 3D World and the new addition to the game, Bowser’s Fury. However, on Tuesday 12th January we finally got a deeper look at the game ahead of its release next month.

Bowser is looking more intimidating than ever in this completely new adventure joining an already great game. Super Mario 3D World is said to run faster on the Nintendo Switch (no surprise, really) and looks to deliver a delightful experience both handheld and docked. The gameplay mechanics and camera angle in Bowser’s Fury seems to be much closer to that of Super Mario Odyssey which I think 3D Mario fans will be absolutely thrilled with. Check out the overview trailer below.

EA will no longer have exclusivity rights to the Star Wars IP

Way back in 2013, EA announced an exclusivity deal to create games for the Star Wars IP that would last 10 years. This has seen them release Star Wars Battlefront 1 & 2, Squadrons, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and a few mobile games. This week we were shocked to see Disney has hired Ubisoft’s The Division team, to create an open-world Star Wars game! Ultimately this means that Disney will not be looking to continue this lucrative deal but look to create a wider variety of Star Wars content.

If the Mandalorian is anything to go by, new content is needed in this franchise. None of this means that EA will no longer be creating Star Wars games, although the door is now open for new studios to pitch their ideas to Disney.

In addition to this news, we have also learned that Disney have revived Lucasfilm Games, the original development group for the franchise. They will be working in conjunction with Ubisoft to create this open-world Star Wars game. I look forward to seeing what this will mean for future games. Please release a Mandalorian video game – did someone say Star Wars 1313?

Also, I like that EA will still be making Star Wars titles. They really did a great job reviving Star Wars Battlefront and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has been such a hit – you should read our review of it by the way.

CD PROJEKT RED releases apology for awful Cyberpunk 2077 launch

At this point what I am about to say is not fresh news anymore. Cyberpunk 2077 has had one of the worst releases in the history of gaming. What a shambles the launch of this game was. I was gifted the game on GoG for Christmas and to be honest, I haven’t booted it up in a while, purely out of wanting to wait until the game is actually finished. The co-founder of CD PROJEKT RED had this to say on Wednesday:

Now, it was clear from the outset that the dreadful release of the game was largely due to pressure from the board and investors. I get it, deadlines had to be met, but not at the cost of this game. I appreciate their commitment to fixing the issues, but the game is surely soiled now. Too much hype went into the game and quite frankly, an apology isn’t gonna make up for the issues. If it is paired with them coming through on their commitment, great. Rant over.

New Pokemon Snap, releasing April 30th.

Fresh off the press on Thursday we were delighted to hear of a release date for New Pokemon Snap. Firstly, what is it with Nintendo and using the word “New” at the start of games and hardware. I get it’s simple but maybe just a different name would suffice like, Pokemon Snap 2. Anyway, check out the release date trailer below.

In a new luscious region you will be able to take pictures of so many different Pokemon, new and old alike. Work it, Bidoof. This game is clearly to please the fans out there who have been crying out for a sequel or remake of Pokemon Snap from the Nintendo 64 era. I would be interested to get this game, although if it is retailing at £50, I will probably give it a miss for now.

Other Pokemon news in the form of a rumour, Diamond and Pearl remakes could finally be announced next month. This news comes from Gamesradar and it could be credible as it would line up with the February 27th Nintendo Direct. This would be great and I think we might see a release this year in-line with the 25th anniversary of the Pokemon franchise.

Next week on Ready Player Gone…

Next week we have a new series starting on the site, Gamepass: Gold or Garbage? Where we will be taking a look at some titles over on Xbox Gamepass, every other week presenting a new review for you. That will be starting on Tuesday, so keep your eyes peeled.

We also have another interview going live on Thursday with a great indie developer. Look forward to that as we had a great conversation with them! Additionally, from the interview we have some exclusive news coming on Monday.

Finally we will see you back here on Friday for another weekly news. Be sure to check out our socials for any updates in between but until then, have a great weekend.

For more news, reviews and features, check out Ready Player Gone. Why not follow us on Facebook and Twitter too?


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Founder of Ready Player Gone and avid gamer.


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