Out Of Tune Games hoping to announce new title in summer 2021

Out Of Tune Games are still busy working on finishing up Crooks Like Us ready for the Early Access Launch in March. However, they say that they’re already thinking about their next game. In an upcoming exclusive Ready Developer Gone interview with Ready Player Gone, the developers stated that they plan to flesh out some of their prototypes and hope that one of them will be the basis of their next title. The prototypes in question are all listed on their website. In fact, the aforementioned Crooks Like Us is also one of the prototypes listed. Not only that, but you can actually download and play the prototypes.

As detailed on the website, Out Of Tune made six prototype games in six weeks. Each week, they had a different theme to work with, including:

  • 80 and 90’s
  • Idle
  • Humans and nature
  • Co-op with a twist (eventually became Crooks Like Us)
  • Boardgame
  • Free theme

In the short term, Crooks Like Us is set to be the main focus for the studio. The developers told me “Post-launch the first focus is supporting the continued development of Crooks Like Us and upholding the early access promises of more content for players who are supporting the studio”. 

They then went on to tell me about their future plans, stating “we may revisit some of our earlier one-week prototypes to see how we could use some of those early concepts as the basis of a new game”. Later adding that “We have had conversations about one of the prototypes in particular and are excited to expand it in a slightly different direction which we think could be a lot of fun to play.”

“We have had conversations about one of the prototypes in particular and are excited to expand it in a slightly different direction which we think could be a lot of fun to play.” – Out Of Tune Games

They ended by telling me when they were hoping to be in a position to reveal their next title stating that “Hopefully we will have something new to unveil come summer 2021″.

Since Crooks Like Us has already been turned into a fully-fledged game, there are just five other options to choose from. If I were to hazard a guess my money would be on Suffer A Witch. Of course, I have just as much to go on as you. So why Suffer A Witch? Firstly, the prototype has a much longer trailer than all others besides Crooks Like Us. It also just looks the most polished of the other five options. But, who knows.

Which prototype do you think will form the basis of the studios next game? And which one would you most like to play? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Of course, before they think about their next title, Out Of Tune Games are releasing Crooks Like Us. And we’ve teamed up with them to give our readers a chance to win a copy of the game! So, how can you enter? Complete these four simple steps!

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  4. Reply to that same tweet with the phrase “ReadyPlayerCrook”

The competition is open to anyone worldwide. Entrants must complete all four steps to be eligible. The first eligible winner will be chosen at random at 12PM GMT on Wednesday 24th February 2021.

This competition is now closed.

Disclaimer: All giveaway and review codes were provided by Out Of Tune Games.

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