Pigeon Dev Games Collection revealed for Switch

Are you a collector of some of the finest Nintendo Switch physical game releases? This is almost definitely something you need to take note of then! Pigeon Dev Games Collection is just that, a collection of some of the all-time classic games from developer, Pigeon Dev Games. Released by Premium Edition Games, a publisher known for releasing some of the most high quality physical releases in the industry today. Check out the trailer for the upcoming release below.

Is this going to be a release for you? Look at some of the goodies you can get in these bundles. The prices are as follows:

  • “Premium Edition” (3,000 available), priced at $39.95 with free shipping
  • “Retro Edition” (1,000 available), priced at $59.95 plus shipping
  • “Deluxe Edition” (1,000 available), priced at $99.95 plus shipping

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Joey Hancockhttps://www.readyplayergone.com
Founder of Ready Player Gone and avid gamer.


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