RPG Christmas: Elden Ring (Day 22)

Over the course of the Holiday season, here at Ready Player Gone we will be bringing you a feature article each day – with a break on every 6th day – in the lead-up to Christmas. Our posts will be split into one of five themes throughout the event and there may even be a competition or two. Today the theme is, 2021 Spotlight. That means that this post will highlight a game that is coming next year and why we are looking forward to it! Today I will be taking a look at FromSoftware’s new title: Elden Ring

Elden Ring
Let’s just preface this article by saying that we hope Elden Ring releases in 2021. We know for sure it is in a playable state as head of Xbox Phil Spencer stated in an interview with Gamespot’s Tamoor Hussain that he has ‘played quite a bit’ of it. Even if the game doesn’t release next year we are definitely going to see more of it, which will only fuel the fire of anticipation keeping us from a hollow state.

Elden Ring is 100% my most anticipated title whether it comes out in 2021 or 2022. I do bang on about Cyberpunk 2077 a lot, but there’s something about the dark fantasy worlds that FromSoft build and the challenge they bring that just make their games a cut above the rest. Miyazaki can do no wrong, and with the added creativity that G.R.R.M will bring we truly have two masterminds at the helm of the lore and world building.

I honestly can’t fathom how someone couldn’t be excited for this game. Being able to play in a fully fleshed out open world from the minds of these two creators is a dream come true, especially George R.R. Martin. There’s a reason A Song of Ice and Fire – and the show that followed, Game of Thrones is so popular. The books are meticulously crafted and the first 4 seasons of the show were some of the best ever made for TV. If only David and Dan didn’t shit all over it in the final few seasons rushing to the end. I just hope ol’ George doesn’t pop his clogs before he finishes the series, it’ll be the biggest travesty of the 21st Century.

The graphical quality we’ve seen in the recent Demon’s Souls remaster, which was tackled by the studio Bluepoint Games, is incredible. I think it is the best looking game I’ve ever seen. If Elden Ring looks even better than that I think my head might melt like Sturmbannführer Arnold Ernst Toht’s does in Raiders of the Lost Ark when his eyes transfix on the open Ark of the Covenant.

Elden Ring has been in development since 2017, work supposedly started as soon as the Dark Souls III DLC The Ringed City was finished. We are in for a much more open world than we have seen before, with horseback riding enabling us to traverse the world faster – and judging from this artwork I’ve seen, even fight on.

Elden RingI can’t imagine how fighting on horseback would work, it seems like dodging would be a lot harder, but maybe they will be doing a mix of parrying and dodging – blending Sekiro and Dark Souls combat into one.

If you’ve played any of the Dark Souls titles or Sekiro, you’ll know there are hubs with NPC’s you can talk to and this is apparently not the case in Elden Ring. Sounds a bit lonely, I hope they have an equivalent of Patches – I’ve always liked being tricked and kicked down a hole, his menacing grin peering down at you. If this is true however, I think I can get behind the idea. If there’s a more updated way of levelling up instead of having to traipse back to a firekeeper every time for no reason. I imagine that as you could level up at any Sculptor’s Idol in Sekiro, they’ll take a similar approach in Elden Ring.

Pretty much anything we can say about the game at this moment in time would be speculation. The only thing we’ve seen is a CGI trailer, why don’t you watch it again below?


All I can say is FromSoftware titles have brought me the most enjoyment from games this past generation. Now I will always play through them solo for the first time but you can have a sheer amount of fun playing cooperatively with a mate online. Failing against a seemingly insurmountable boss or area over and over again, having to resummon them for the twentieth time only for them to fall off the edge of the map ten seconds later. Playing alone, the games are really serious but they can always turn pretty goofy in co-op.

Wasting all of your Estus flasks taking it in turns trying to parry an enemy. Aggroing all of the enemies in an area, luring them to your friend to watch them squirm. Throwing a million prism stones around to draw a massive dong on the ground. Spamming the ‘HELLO’ and ‘VERY GOOD’ carvings over and over again to drive each other insane. Basically, there’s a lot of options to troll your friend, and if you’re not actively trying to piss each other off are you really friends?

All in all I think it’s safe to say Elden Ring is up there as one of the most anticipated games of the newer generation so far no matter what year it comes out. We can expect it to be fully finished with next to no bugs on release which seems to not be a given nowadays ‘cough’ Cyberpunk ‘cough’, as FromSoft always deliver top quality products. We deserve a good release now after the disappointment that CDPR dropped in our laps, and I believe FromSoftware are the next big company to fulfil our wishes. For now however I’m just going to sit at their feet with bowl in hand, begging for more announcements like the good little boy I am. ‘Please Miyazaki, can I have some more?’

Are you excited for Elden Ring? Let us know in the comments below your thoughts on FromSoftwares upcoming title!

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Marshall Burrows
Lead Editor @ Ready Player Gone.


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