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It’s been an eventful week on the site with a new feature article every single day, let’s have a look at them!

#MemoryMonday – this week, Marshall explored a game from the middle of the Xbox 360 era, Dante’s Inferno. A game heavily influenced by the like of Devil May Cry and God of War.

#GamepassGoldorGarbage – Kane had a look at another roguelike game that I myself have picked up now on the Switch, UnderMine. The game features similar elements to titles such as Binding of Isaac, Enter the Gungeon, Dead Cells and more! Personally, I think the game is definitely worth your time!

#ReadyDeveloperGone – Ryan had the opportunity to speak to Crooks Like Us developer, Out of Tune Games. We’ve got big hopes for Crooks Like Us and this is our last article covering the game ahead of our review shortly after launch. Make sure you check out their thinking behind the game, the industry and life.

#GameReview – Yesterday, our newest edition to the team, Zach, reviewed Control! The game has recently made its way to Xbox Game Pass and if you want to know if the game is worth your time, make sure you check out the full review.

Call of Duty Warzone has it’s biggest change to date

Fan-favourite Battle-Royale, Call of Duty Warzone has finally experienced the biggest map change to date. A boat (yes, you read right), has crashed into the shores of Verdansk, unlocking a new area for you to explore. It might be one to hold off on right this moment though, I hear everyone is swarming the place. Check out the Season 2 trailer below:

Pokemon Presents

New Pokemon Snap was shown today during the Pokemon Presents live stream, with new gameplay being revealed for the first time. We learn that fruit is back as an item to cause different reactions from different Pokemon, along with being able to play melodies, and the new Illumina Orbs that cause Pokemon to glow when thrown. The game includes an online sharing function, which allows you to upload & edit your photos for others to rate.

Click here for the new gameplay trailer.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl were also revealed today, being the expected Sinnoh region remakes which originally released in 2007. The game seems to be a true remake, with the region being created like for like with the original Diamond & Pearl games, down to the last tree placed on the grid. However, many fans are already criticising the art style of the game, with the character models looking incredibly out of place to me. The battle environments look like a step in the right direction for the Pokemon series, however the overworld looks very dated (understandably) after playing games like Sun & Moon and Sword & Shield, which seemed to remove the copy & paste development style of the previous entries. Hopefully something is done about the character models, they look almost ‘Chibi’ and don’t seem to blend well with the rest of the games aesthetic.

Watch the new trailer for yourself here.

Another game revealed today was Pokemon Legends Arceus. This looks to be a series first, an open world RPG Pokemon game set in the Sinnoh region before it evolved into the area we know today. Not much is known right now of the game, but it seems to follow the general rules of Pokemon, catch, battle & create a Pokedex for the region. However, you can see the playable character throwing Pokeballs at wild Pokemon in real time, not in a turn based wild encounter system like every single other game in the series. This absolutely reeks of Breath of the Wild, and I’m not complaining, any inspiration taken from that game is always going to be a welcome addition in my books. Pokemon Legends: Arceus has a lushous open world to explore, and the art style is great. I’m looking forward to seeing more revealed in future for this title, but we’ll have to wait until early 2022 to get our hands on it.


CD PROJEKT RED’s latest update to dismal Cyberpunk 2077 is delayed until end of March

Who remembers the news from a few weeks back? Well, we covered that the source code taken in the CD PROJEKT RED hack had been sold. In the ongoing misfortunes and disappointing deliveries of Cyberpunk – the next big bugfix update has been delayed to the end of March. In all honesty, I cannot say I am surprised. I am beyond disappointed with this game at this point.

I’ve not even played the game since launch which is really gutting – it was an early Christmas present too.

Valheim continues to rise to Valhalla

Valheim is still shattering records with the continuing rise of concurrent players and their active player-base. With only releasing in the last month on Early Access, Valheim has been absolutely slaying the god of statistics. Recently hitting over 3 million players, the game is going from stride to stride.

What is more impressive is the jump from 2 million to 3 came in a matter of days. The game is a survival game much like Ark, Rust etc. Unlike those (specifically Rust), the game is much more forgiving and has a more steady curve. I recently have been playing the game and although I love the setting, art-style and music, I just cannot get into the survival genre.

It does for me what the Battle-Royale genre does for others, I find it tedious. But that doesn’t mean I can deny the great success it has had since its launch. Well done Valheim and team!

And that’s it for #RPGNews this week, I hope you enjoyed the biggest stories from this week!

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