Will You Snail?, Final Fantasy VII Remake, Among Us and more – RPG News (22nd Jan)

This week we have news from Jonas Tyroller about his indie game, Will You Snail?. Final Fantasy VII Remake rumours, Among Us and much more. Make sure you stick around until the end!

What’s happened this week on Ready Player Gone?

This week we started our new series, Gamepass: Gold or Garbage, where we will be focusing on the best and worst games you can find on everybody’s favourite gaming subscription service. Marshall looked at our first title, Unto the End. Give it a quick read right here!

We also had two exclusive bits of content from Jonas Tyroller in the form of a hopeful release window for his upcoming title, Will You Snail?. Alongside this we also published our full interview with the game developer yesterday which is definitely worth your time. We ask for Jonas’ thoughts on his title, the games industry and the future of gaming.

Final Fantasy VII Remake PS5 Rumors

Final Fantasy VII Remake released last year on the PS4 to relatively good reviews. The game on the PS4 Pro is absolutely gorgeous and it seems only fitting that a PS5 upgrade may be rumoured to be just around the corner. I personally loved the original game, so coming back quite recently to play through this new experience is just that, new. I appreciate that the game isn’t a carbon copy of the original but is an entirely new experience. The Final Fantasy series has had it’s ups and downs over the years, but this is a genuinely brilliant entry in the series.

I bought the game around 3 weeks ago and I absolutely love it. Especially the way that Jessie’s character has been fleshed out into her own story within the game. Keep an eye out on Ready Player Gone over the coming months as you can expect a full review soon!

Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning coming to Nintendo Switch

THQ Nordic have recently released a trailer announcing that their remaster of popular RPG, Kingdoms of Amalur (subtitled, Re-Reckoning), is making it’s way to the Nintendo Switch in March of this year. The original game released to fairly good scores with an overall of 80 on Metacritic. The remaster however has not been received as well, likely due to the visual upgrades seeming a tad lazy or lacklustre. Check out the full announcement trailer below:

When will we see an Among Us update?

You know that game? The game that everyone has played or at least watched a YouTube video of? Garry’s Mod? No, not that one, the new one. Among Us? Yeah, that one. Among Us. Possibly the biggest gaming hit of 2020. Some of you might be surprised to know, Among Us came out way before last year. In fact, the game originally released back in 2018 after being developed by a three-person team. After 1-2 years of minor traction, no one expected the game to become the hit that it is today.

Did you hear me when I said it was a three-person team? Of course they couldn’t keep up the demand. So much had to change, as you can see in their first developer update of 2021:

Among Us gained incredible traction pretty late into 2020 that we weren’t expecting, and that meant A LOT of change for us,” community director Victoria Tran wrote. “Not to dive into too much organizational stuff, but not only did we need to switch back to working on Among Us after thinking it was done, but we also needed to set ourselves up more sustainably to work on the game.

I have played the game, it’s pretty fun. However, my honest opinion is that this is a phase. I don’t think the game will be nearly as popular this time next year. Although I am completely open to being proven wrong.

Coming Next Week to Ready Player Gone

Next week is the beginning of another bi-weekly series on alternative monday’s, Memory Monday. A look back on a game that we played at some point in our lives that we have vivid memories of. These can be games we love and cherish, but also games that we had so much hope for and were left with bitter disappointment. *cough Cyberpunk 2077 cough* Really? You can’t even get through one article without expressing your disappointment, Joey? That’s right, inner monologue, I can’t.

We also have another review coming to you on Thursday from Kane “The Hazzard” Hazzard. Kane’s taste in games is usually quite different to the rest of the team’s so I myself look forward to reading what he has to say!

Finally, on Friday we have the next edition of RPG News. Hopefully next week will have some more exciting and engaging news for the community, so keep your eyes peeled. Also, if you have a story you want us to cover, why not Tweet us?

For more news, reviews, and features from us, check out Ready Player Gone. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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