Will You Snail receives new, beautiful trailer

One thing is certain about Ready Player Gone, we love indie games and their developers. Since the new year we have interviewed Haven creative director, Emeric Thoa and more recently Jonas Tyroller – developer of Will You Snail? We particularly loved chatting to Jonas about his aspirations for Will You Snail to be released in 2021, we even released an exclusive article on this.

Now, Jonas has went one step further and today released the official 2021 Early Trailer for Will You Snail. Give it a watch down below, we absolutely love it and cannot wait for it’s release this year… maybe.

Jonas is also a youtuber with close to 100k subscribers and he regularly posts about Will You Snail, among other things, on his Twitter.

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Joey Hancockhttps://www.readyplayergone.com
Founder of Ready Player Gone and avid gamer.


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